How have I used stories in the business world?

  • Consulting on a start-up fundraising deck using the Hero’s Journey to create “the best deck we’ve ever seen” for a brand’s story
  • Using metaphor to break down and explain complex concepts in memorable and useful ways
  • Intuiting what a search user really means when they use a two or three word search phrase, and then pairing content ideas with that intention

Our world is made of stories, its up to us to take control of our power as narrators.

When I chose the statute of Artemis for the main photo on the homepage, it was because I liked the archery image. The metaphor of “targeting” which we do so often in marketing. I liked the shot, and the memories of the day in the sculpture garden outside of the art museum in New Orleans.

Since choosing that photo, I’ve been sitting with Artemis and wondering why she chose me.  Artemis is fiercely independent – she is not defined by anyone else, or by her role in anyone else’s lives. Perhaps she is inspiring me to take this step out on my own as a freelancer?  Pairing the understanding of old stories – like the myths of Artemis – with new stories as we create them is my sweet spot.

Old Stories

IMG_2373 (1)

I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. We are heirs of the academic lineage of Joseph Campbell and James Hillman, of Marion Woodman and Marija Gimbutas.  This means we look at Jungian and other forms of depth psychology as well as anthropology and archaeology to understand  the stories that have been told by humankind for millennia, and are still being told.  In some ways, it’s comparative and cross-cultural. In others, it’s a deep exploration of what it means to be human.

Examples of the kinds of work I might do in this program include fairy tale analysis or detailed global analysis of narrative arcs.

New Stories

As a storyteller, I’m also actively writing and honing new work. I’m currently submitting a variety of short fiction pieces to speculative fiction venues. My travel memoir Nichts Passiert in München  appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of Mayday magazine.  My dieselpunk retelling of Rapunzel called “Ramps and Rocket” is available in an anthology from World Weaver Press called Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline.  I also supplied a blog post for World Weaver to describe some part of my rewriting process for that story.

I’ve just started a new mythology ASMR channel where we explore a god or goddess each week via ASMR trigger objects, whispering and readings.  My mythological retelling of the Ariadne story appears in Coffin Bell Journal.  A recent High Fantasy story called “The Old One” appeared in Three Crows Magazine.

I’ve written a few novels to completion, but have not yet gained the interest of a literary agent or publisher (Yes, traditional publishing is my route, don’t @ me). I’m currently revising a novel-length retelling of a few Greek myths, and working to layer in the information I learn at grad school to make sure it rings true for decades to come.