Four new Social Media Marketing Articles

I have three more in draft stages, so don’t be surprised when I post even MORE links to articles on this topic.

I find that I really enjoy writing articles about things I do professionally, plus in the future it will be a good way to show that I know what I’m doing in my field. For now, they are great fun to write, easy to research, and get a lot of page views!

  • When Twitter lists came out, I wrote two quick articles – how to set one up, and what businesses can use them for.
  • THEN when Twitter hooked up with LinkedIn status updates, I added a new article about the 2 social media sites and why this deal matters.
  • Then, I realized I’d never finished my business best practices article about Twitter, and I knocked that out as well.

I have a few more in the works, including one on time management and getting social media work down to a few minutes a day.