Social Media Marketing Buzz: Facebook Lite

Ok, so every now and then I remember that I’m trying to establish myself in this ever-growing field as a social media marketer and someone in the know. So, in addition to plugging away on the 9-5 job, writing examiner articles, and Suite 101 articles, I still find time to learn more about my career.

Today, I did a little investigation into changes at Facebook. Particularly the newly released Facebook Lite. I first did a compare and contrast between the “regular” Facebook and the Lite version. Verdict – I’ll stick with the regular. I HATE that I can’t post links!

Then, because Jim Ellis uses Facebook Fan pages to reach new people, I started thinking about the implications of Facebook Lite for businesses. Whoa, not good!

So, I wrote articles about them for Suite 101. (I’m only 9 articles away from article #100, by the way. So that New Year’s Resolution to post 101 articles by the end of 2009 is certainly on target!)

October 9, 2009 update – I ended up writing two more articles about Facebook for Suite 101!