It’s a website, not rocket science.

In a perfect world, I would like to “train myself out of a job”, and empower you to manage your own website and understand your own metrics.  But I know not everyone has that kind of time. So, instead, I’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure you see how all of it works in the end.

My favorite thing to do is teach SEO.

I like to do department-level training for your in-house staff and team to feel like they really know the latest information that’s relevant to the success of your site long-term.  I love honing a curriculum to a particular audience, and then showing them all of the SEO they are already able to do everyday.

My brand of SEO is long-term and bottom-up. It’s built on best practices and lessons learned. I’ve worked on sites from three pages to three million since 2007.

Don’t send me your metadata to optimize. It’s not magic fairy dust!

Look, I know title tags still matter in the world of SEO, but that’s one tiny piece of the whole puzzle.  I don’t want to do 8% of a job and have you get 2% of the results you should get.

My SEO puzzle-solving skills include:

  • Figuring out what topics you need to cover on your site to get in front of your ideal customer – right when they need you the most. And how to beat the competition for that same topic!
  • Unearthing hidden problems in your site architecture or code that you were unaware of, that might be causing Google to pay less attention to your website.
  • Showing you the whole picture of how your website works with the ecosystem of the internet – from a holistic site level optimization and strategy (important for algo recovery!) to cross-channel marketing and competition.

Oh, and my SEO cowboy hat is blindingly white. I believe SEO is traveled best along the high road, even if it takes longer to get somewhere.

Digital Marketing Posts

Below, you’ll find my posts about search, social media, and the internet landscape. I have written about this topic in bits and blurts, so be aware of the date in the URL. (I’ve tried to keep this lot to the evergreen, but you never know.)