SEO and Gambling on Content

Last night, I had a wacky dream where there were three web content strategists competing on some sort of game show.  They had to pick titles of content and see who could get the most valuable content portfolio, but all they could see were Jeopardy-like 2-word titles.

They were gambling and guessing their way through content strategy. And the winner took home the pot because of one factor alone: luck.

I woke up scribbling a post-it note to myself to write about gambling on content. Because unless you’re doing keyword research, looking at insights and trends, and watching your own analytics to see what your visitors are looking for, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Taking a shot in the dark, and hoping something sticks.

Me, I am not so much of a gambler. In fact, I don’t even play the lottery because I prefer to have a dollar in my pocket than dream about lightning striking someday.

Web content costs money. Whether it’s in resource time to write and edit it, or freelancer hours to translate it, or the time and money to negotiate using someone else’s content. Why would you fritter that away on the hopes that luck will win out and you’ll have what people are searching for?

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